Friday, 27 April 2012

First ever post!

Well i'm sure as it's the first its supposed to be clever and witty, to make people want to read more........

.... can't be promised! I am a busy mum to two young boys (2years old and 11months old) and due our third in November!! I am exceedingly lucky in that my husband works very very hard so that I can be a stay at home mum to our gorgeous children. I have many good days, many trying days but I love each and every one of them! In between looking after my boys and keeping the house I do try and find time to fit in my hobbies- a favourite being crafts! My latest favourite is a sock monkey, which is a stuffed toy monkey teddy made from one pair of socks! Fab and very good value to make!!

Excuse the toys in the background! This one is my current favourite I made it from a childrens pair of socks so its small and ever so cute!!

I think thats enough for now! But I will try and post again soon.

Katy x