Friday, 15 March 2013

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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Saturday Bloggy Takeaway #6


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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Saturday Bloggy Takeaway #5



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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Baby Show!!

Well yesterday my husband and I attended the baby show at the Excel centre in London. We went because James (hubby) got invited to the product launch of a new TommeeTippee product... I'll wait for him to tell you about that!

Whilst there we met the lovely Charlotte from BericeBaby and her gorgeous little boy Hayden (who has such a cute smile!!).

I must say we did enjoy getting away (we live in Plymouth so it was a trek for us) and the baby show was good fun, I also might have bought a few things ;-)

However coming home for me had to be the best bit, back to my boys and having my little family back together. Not that they missed me!! James' mum took them both to Cardiff for the day to see their Auntie Gemma! Which of course they loved as they went to Jump an indoor children's play area, we have one in Plymouth as well and its a firm favourite.

Anyway lots of family time to catch up on this weekend after missing my babies :-)

Saturday Bloggy Takeaway #4


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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

London Excel Baby Show

My husband also write a blog, his the daddy side to mine and recently he was invited to attend the Tommee Tippee Big Reveal at the Excel baby show with free tickets to the press and blogger launch and the show. The show is on Friday but we are travelling up on the Thursday afternoon and staying overnight so that we are bright and fresh ready for the launch and show.

I must admit I really am intrigued as to what the new product is that they are launching!? And as long as we are allowed I am sure we will both be blogging about it when we get back!

However I will be missing weigh in this week due to not being at home to attend my slimming world group. In my mind it's worth it though as I am super excited to go! We are leaving the boys with James' mum and dad and his mum is taking them to Cardiff to visit his sister who lives there. So I know they will have a fabulous time!!

Watch this space for a post on the big reveal!!!

Monday, 18 February 2013

1000 Opinions, 1 Family

Do you ever feel like everyone and anyone has an opinion on your family? The way you do things, your children and the way you are raising them. Our boys have been monkeys lately, mostly when daddy is around and I'm not sure if this is because they want his attention, know they can push his buttons or they know they can get away with more with him. But either way it is causing some issues in our household at the moment meaning more time in time out and more toys than ever being taken away (basically taking them away for bad behaviour and them being earned back with good behaviour).

I feel as parents we are doing everything we can to improve said behaviour and I am putting everything I have into being a mum, I always do. Yet I feel like a failure lately. Everyone has an opinion on what I am doing wrong it seems and they feel the need to tell me. Each time someone comes out with another criticism, another thing I 'should' be doing but I'm not I honestly feel like screaming at them to butt out and let me get on with it. Not because I'm ungrateful because some advice I genuinely appreciate but it's just that, advice not criticism.

A few mentions of something I am doing right also wouldn't go amiss? Surely there must be a few if not at least one thing I am succeeding at with my children because in all honesty (and not in a big headed way) I think I am doing a pretty damn good job considering I have three children aged 3 and under!!!

We are parents are conscious that all three children need their one on one time with each parent and make sure we allow time for this even if it is just a game or one of them helping one of us with a household chore. Either way they have our attention and sole conversation and interest. And I must admit I am also sick of people saying how badly behaved my boys are when they have a tantrum etc. They are children, children have tantrums it's part of them growing up and my children say please, thank you, excuse me and generally are very well behaved.

Apologies for the moaning post but I am just fed up with being told all the negatives in my parenting and none of the positives. When as a parent you worry so much about getting it right anyway to be told you are getting it wrong is upsetting and quite frankly annoying!!!!

But no matter what I will always love my beautiful, smart, funny and amazing children! They are my life and my everything <3

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Saturday Bloggy Takeaway #3



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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Charlie 3years 1month x

Well Charlie has been three for one whole month now! I have a three year old!?!? Scary!!!

Charlie is such a loving little boy and so cheeky and cute (I would think that wouldn't I? ;-) )

However I do think he needs something more than I can give him now so i'm looking forward to him starting his nursery placement in April (and also dreading it). As much as I know it is good for him and the best thing, I could also happily cry at the thought that my beautiful baby boy has grown up so much that he is starting nursery and won't need me anymore!

Up until now it has always been me looking after my gorgeous boy being a stay at home mum, but now he will be at nursery part of the time, so scary!

Charlie loves being a big brother it is my favourite thing to see my gorgeous children hugging, kissing and spending time together showing their love for one another!

Charlie is a daddys boy through and through until he is tired or hurt and then he wants mummy :-)

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Saturday Bloggy Take-Away Blog Hop

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Friday, 8 February 2013

Olivia's wardrobe shopping trip no2!

Well today we went into town (as I do like to see and feel before I buy) and we again went to Next!
We got this cute little skirt as I found lots of pretty tights I liked and so needed something for Olivia to wear with them!
It has such pretty buttons for detail and was an absolute steal at £7!

I also got some leggings or 'jeggings'. I find these versatile and they look good with almost any top! 
They have the benefit of an adjustable waist! And again a bargain £7 

This pretty top was just £5!!!
And look at the detailing around the neck it is so so pretty!

This is just a plain long sleeve top but was an unbelievable £2.50!!
This top was again £5 and I just couldn't resist!

This top was £3!!! And will hopefully look good with some of the tights I already have for Olivia.

I also stopped off at tesco to get some baby vests!
And here is an example of what they are like out of the packet, I got some sleeveless as one of her dresses is sleeveless and so would look silly with any other vest!

Whilst there I spotted this top and couldn't resist, it is £5
And I also picked up a new bath towel for £4  

And some more tights and these pretty little shoes!! Both £4 each!

I have a few pictures of Olivia in the 3-6 outfits that I forgot to take photos of before she wore them!
I can't believe that my baby girl has grown soooo much!

Olivia 3-6month wardrobe!

Well my gorgeous little girl is definitely no longer in 0-3 month clothes :-( and as we hadn't found out when I was pregnant if bump was of the pink or blue variety I hadn't bought the clothes in advance like I did with the boys.

And I have to say I'm actually pleased in a way as it means I get to go shopping and buy lots of cute little clothes! Since I enjoyed choosing and buying them so much I thought I would share my purchases with you all!

First of all I decided to order a few bits from Next online because I couldn't get to the shops until today!
And inside............

First of all we have this gorgeous TuTu bodysuit and tights set! For your very own little ballerina!
I've taken a photo up close of the lovely little bow detail and the detailing on the tights-soooo cute!
And a close up of the TuTu, it is just so girly! And a bargain £18!
The next thing in my bag of goodies was an absolutely beautiful dress!! It's a 3-piece set including a dress, cardigan and tights. It's called Pink Daisy Prom Dress set and it's from Nexts Carousel section.
I have taken a close up of the little bows on the dress and the delicate little button on the cardigan! This outfit was £22.
I also ordered the Frill Stripe Spot Romper which was inspired from this blog post on another blog.
The frill at the bottom are so girly and just make me think of summer :-) And the poppers for easy nappy access are fabulous!

And this cute bow detail is lovely (I am all about the bows can you tell?!)
And last but definitely not least this very fitting 'Little Sister' sleepsuit.
I have taken a close up of the design because it is just so darn cute!

I will continue with Olivia's new 3-6month clothes in another post :-)

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Weigh-in 07/02/2013

Well was weigh in tonight and I put on half a lb but i'm okay with that! And i'm all organised for this week with some gorgeous looking recipes to try! Tomorrow is beef and red wine casserole and we also have a lemon pork tray to try! Hopefully they will be successful recipes and the boys will eat them as well :-)

Weigh in day!!

Well it's weigh in tonight so fingers crossed. We started the week badly-thursday night and friday. But I have stuck to plan for the rest of the week so I am really really hoping I haven't ruined it for myself!! Fingers crossed guys :-)

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Harry 21 Months Old

My not so little Harry is 21months old tomorrow. He is such a character still full of smile and laughter but we are seeing another side to him lately! He can be grumpy and often screams if he can not communicate what he wants to tell you. In my opinion I think Harry is struggling at the moment as he understands everything you say to him even some more complex instructions he always surprises me and just gets on with it but he can't say an awful lot. Harry has lots of words he can say but he can't say many sentences or explain himself when he wants to which can lead to tantrums and screaming.

I am really hoping Harry grows out of the screaming sooner rather than later but I guess it will depend how we react to it (I try to either ignore it or just say no) and how soon he learns to talk more!!!

Sleeping is always not Harrys favourite pass time!! Even now he wakes at least once a night but normally about 2/3 and sometimes every hour! I've no idea why, if it's something we did (although I don't think nothing was different to Charlie and he is a fabulous sleeper.

I don't want to sound like I am complaining, i'm really not! I love Harry to bits and I wouldn't change a thing about him because then he wouldn't be Harry, my cheeky gorgeous happy chappy <3

Harry is very good physically, running climbing etc! And also the small motor skills with fiddly toys and small things! And intellectually he loves his puzzles and colouring and really does try!

He is just changing every day, developing and growing before my eyes!

Monday, 4 February 2013

Olivia at 10 weeks!

Olivia was ten weeks old last week on Friday! It has gone so so fast it's crazy, each of my beautiful babies seems to be growing up so quickly but Olivia seems to be developing so quickly! She holds her head up beautifully, babbles away as if she is having a real conversation with you. Smiles and we had our first giggle the other day (so cute btw!!)

Olivia has developed her own day time routine and sticks to it nearly everyday, it's just night that you never know what you are going to get!! However with her having made her own daytime routine my life is made easier with keeping the boys routine as well. A necessity with three children aged 3 and under!!

Olivia has definitely grown out of her 0-3month clothing (I have been trying to kid myself as I didn't want her to grow up) as today I looked at her and realised her little trousers had gone beyond slightly short and just looked plain ridiculous! So out with the 3-6month bits tomorrow!!

We got the jumperoo out at the weekend and I washed all the toys, seat and frame so it's all clean and ready for action! Olivia loves the jumperoo already and spent ages trying to grab the toys with some success. It's just amazing to watch, my beautiful baby girl is growing up so so fast!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Saturday Bloggy Takeaway #1


 It's Saturday again and that means take-away day !

Just like our favorite take-away meals I hope you can find some great blogs to take-away today.

So lets get the bloggy takeaway underway. I'm in no way making this a strict blog hop but some basic etiquette should be followed to make the hop sucessful for all participants.


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This is our first week so we are keen to tempt you back. I will be selecting everybody who links up for the next four weeks in a row and selecting at random a winner. The prize I hear you shout, A $15 Starbucks gift-card Open to UK and US only

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