Sunday, 11 November 2012

Start of homemade Christmas presents!

I have been soooo consumed with preparing for baby and trying to make sure I rest etc I haven't done any of the posts I had planned!

However this is a start to my homemade Christmas presents! Sweets in a jar! I have saved any jars I used and have washed and decorated them to make them into something festive!

First I took labels off my jars and washed and dried them inside out. As pictured above!

I then measured the space I wanted my festive paper to cover and cut it accordingly. I stuck it to the jar with double sided tape (a favourite of mine!)

I made a label for my jar (i'm unsure whether to put names or a festive greeting on them-any thoughts?)
And used some left over wrapping paper and an elastic band to make a lid. 

I will fill them with sweet treats closer to Christmas to keep them fresh :-)

I am making a few more at the moment so I shall share another photo soon of them all together!!

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