Monday, 19 November 2012

Update on me

Well I'm very pleased I have finished making my Christmas cards and made a dent in my Christmas sweet jars! Although I'm very disappointed to say I am now one day overdue!! And very impatient and grumpy! My first son was born on his due date but I went into labour the day before and my second son was two days early. This is officially the most pregnant I have ever been. Not horrific I know but I had so banked on baby arriving before its due date I am now very miserable!!!

And getting messages every day for the last two weeks asking if baby has arrived yet has not improved my mood!!! Anyway I wont rant for the whole post!

I can't wait for baby to arrive so we know whether we have a little Olivia or a little Oliver! And I am so ready to get on my diet and shift some weight! I never got in 'the zone' after my second son and finally I am and ready to go!

My beautiful boys are so cute with my bump, hugging and kissing it which I must admit I will miss as it is just soooo sweet!

Hopefully my next post will be an introduction to our new addition!!

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