Friday, 25 January 2013

Olivia May Update

Wow my little baby girl is 8weeks old already! And had her first jabs on tuesday :-( I always feel so guilty but it is for the best (in my opinion).

She is getting so big already and has such aback at you.  little personality already-a chatterbox!! I'm not sure she will ever stop talking once she learns! Our boys werent very vocal when they were tiny just little noises here and there but I feel you can almost have a conversation with Olivia no matter what you say to her she coo's.

In 0-3 months clothes at the moment although her legs seem to be filling the length in this size very well so if we have a growth spurt we might be moving up a size! I have already started buying 3-6months clothes in preperation!

Our boys are still firmly in love with her which is fabulous I dont know what I would do if they were jealous! However they are loving and always right by her side when she cries which is amazingly sweet. And to see one either side of her melts my heart knowing my husband and I created three such amazing little babies!!!

I must admit to stealing these three photos from my husbands blog as I am on his laptop at the moment as my laptop battery is broken so can only be used plugged in! Not that he can complain as he broke the battery then I offered to buy him his own brand new laptop!! Now there's love ha!

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  1. Such a sweet baby & blog! Happy to be a new follower!