Monday, 28 January 2013

Post Baby Weight loss!

Well I seem to be yoyo-ing rather than steadily going down so i'm going public with my journey in an attempt to keep me on track!! After having Olivia I was only 2&1/2lb heavier than my pre pregnancy weight. However I never got back to my preHarry Pregnancy weight!! So sadly even though I tried really hard whilst pregnant with Olivia I still have a way to go!

Weigh in is on a thursday night at 7.30pm so I am going to try and put a post up every week (probably friday by the time I get in as class goes until 9pm) with my loss/gain and my thoughts and feelings on that result and the upcoming week!!

I was 12stone 6lb on thursday 24th January. I think i'm in for a gain this week! I attend slimming world and i'm already wayyyyyyy over my syn allowance for the week due to a night out friday night and cocktails (deadly when dieting!!!). I have just weighed myself (naughty mid week I know) and it say 12stone 9 :-( so I think it will definitelyh be a gain!

In order to try and limit the damage I am going to go completely syn free until weigh in and see if that helps at all!!

I think my final target weight will be around 10stone but it might be higher or lower depending where I feel comfortable with myself. We shall see!!

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