Wednesday, 10 October 2012

34 Week Midwife Appointment

Well today was my 34 week appointment with the midwife. When I finally got in 15minutes late after her previous lady coming back and wanting to speak to her again (I didn't mind this at all as we all need a little extra time sometimes) we went through all our normal checks and chatted. All was fine except at 34+3weeks pregnant I am measuring 39.5cm! For those that dont know you should measure 1cm for each week and they will give you 3cm either way for position and different body shapes.

So my midwife is going to ring the scan department at our local hospital to try and book me for a growth scan, although she warned they may want to wait until after my next appointment in two weeks to check that it wasn't a one off! I have to confess I would LOVE to see our baby one last time before it is born and I would also quite like the peace of mind that they checked?!

We shall see, I have been promised a phone call at some point today after she has spoken to the scan department so we shall see!!

I was very lucky and a good friend of mine came round to sit with my boys whilst I attended the appointment, i'm very grateful as I think they would of gotten restless waiting!


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