Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Christmas (Im early I know!)

Now I know we haven't even had Halloween yet but as I am having a baby at some point between now and Christmas, I have to get started on my Christmas crafts early. With this is mind I have started making my cards this week and I have to say I am very much in the Christmas spirit!

I have taken a photo of the ones I have made so far......

I'm trying to cut back a little this year as I always seem to send out so many cards and hardly get any in return. I obviously don't send my cards just to get one back but with budgeting for a new baby and the ever rise in the cost of stamps, this was one way I could save a few pennies! I have made a list and I need to make around 40 cards so this is just a little start.

I am writing this before going on holiday and scheduling it to post so that my blog is not quiet for an entire week and I can enjoy my precious family time to the max!!

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