Saturday, 15 September 2012

A few recent things

Oh my!! I really did get carried away with being busy with everyday life! Havent posted since I set this up, new aim-post more!!

I have just finished a sewing project that I am very proud of! I don't have a sewing machine meaning everything takes that bit longer but I decided I didnt like my wardrobe doors, so my husband James made me a metal curtain pole and fixed it along the top and I made my own fabric curtain 'doors'!

Excuse the mess around and above wardrobe! Baby bits as it is only 9weeks tomo until my due date!!

Another of my favourite hobbies is baking especially with my gorgeous boys! A few things we have made recently are chocolate cornflakes, banoffee pie, flapjack and tonight we made homemade pizza!! Baking with small children is very messy but very very fun!!!

All of these so simple to make and soooo yummy!! xxxx

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