Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Teething troubles!

My poor little Harry is teething at the moment, the lovely molars!! They look so harsh pushing through their poor gums! After a night of very little sleep and lots of cuddles.... any mummy will know the feeling well, we had a day of clingy cries and cuddles. And my two year old decided today was the day to be hyper.... of course the day I can't move without upsetting my little Harry.

Leaving me feeling doubly useless! Firstly for not being able to stop the pain for Harry and secondly for not being able to play like I usually do with Charlie and tire him out! However they are both fast off now so can't have been that bad!?

Its one of those mummy days where I feel so much love for my gorgeous babies and had lots of time to sit and think about it and contemplate things!

Im hoping that within a day or so Harry will be back to his normal self and him and Charlie will be playing again and lovin' every second <3


  1. Sounds like you are having fun at the moment!
    baby has been very clingy last night and today - not teeth but who knows! Just grateful to have time to get used to things :)

    I keep telling myself, she is only young once!

  2. It is interesting!! Ha! Aww just being a baby, not good when you are shattered though! She will grow soooo fast though! xxxxx