Monday, 17 September 2012

The stork has been!

Ah one of my lovely friends had a baby yesterday morning, a beautiful little girl! She did so unbelievably well! Although I didnt make my present I did make my own card!

Simple but special I hope! I wanted something not too fussy so I could write my thoughts inside. I cant wait for cuddles later on, although it makes me very broody for my own little newborn to cuddle-for now my gorgeous toddlers will have to make up for it! My two year old Charlie is especially excited and randomly through out the day comes up to my belly and 'kisses baby' its very sweet and melts my heart everytime :)

And my gorgeous little Harry saw me taking a photo of the baby card and came up to me saying 'cheese' wanting his photo taken! It would be rude not to surely?!

How could you resist that face?! <3

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