Sunday, 23 September 2012

Countdown begins!

Well I will be 32weeks pregnant tomorrow-8 weeks to go! How scary does that sound?! I know I already have children but this pregnancy has gone sooooo fast! Everytime I think I have oodles of time left I then realise its not as long as I think!

This week I waited in for the delivery of our new mothercare cotbed and mattress-which I managed to get at 25% off by looking out for discount codes from their facebook!! My son Charlie was particularly excited as I had told him the babys bed was coming! He got very excited over the boxes and immediately asked me if we could have the baby out now! No such luck i'm afraid son, it's still got some cooking to do!!

I was so impatient to have it put together that even with dodgy hips and back I got the boxes upstairs (it did take me quite a while!!) and opened the boxes, but I was so tired out from that I then had to wait for my husband to come home and help put it together! But put together I think it looks quite at home at the end of our bed :-)


  1. Its so exciting i cant wait for us to have our third bundle of joy loving the blogs keep em up x

  2. Not long now :) Love you xxxx