Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Harry 21 Months Old

My not so little Harry is 21months old tomorrow. He is such a character still full of smile and laughter but we are seeing another side to him lately! He can be grumpy and often screams if he can not communicate what he wants to tell you. In my opinion I think Harry is struggling at the moment as he understands everything you say to him even some more complex instructions he always surprises me and just gets on with it but he can't say an awful lot. Harry has lots of words he can say but he can't say many sentences or explain himself when he wants to which can lead to tantrums and screaming.

I am really hoping Harry grows out of the screaming sooner rather than later but I guess it will depend how we react to it (I try to either ignore it or just say no) and how soon he learns to talk more!!!

Sleeping is always not Harrys favourite pass time!! Even now he wakes at least once a night but normally about 2/3 and sometimes every hour! I've no idea why, if it's something we did (although I don't think nothing was different to Charlie and he is a fabulous sleeper.

I don't want to sound like I am complaining, i'm really not! I love Harry to bits and I wouldn't change a thing about him because then he wouldn't be Harry, my cheeky gorgeous happy chappy <3

Harry is very good physically, running climbing etc! And also the small motor skills with fiddly toys and small things! And intellectually he loves his puzzles and colouring and really does try!

He is just changing every day, developing and growing before my eyes!

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