Friday, 8 February 2013

Olivia 3-6month wardrobe!

Well my gorgeous little girl is definitely no longer in 0-3 month clothes :-( and as we hadn't found out when I was pregnant if bump was of the pink or blue variety I hadn't bought the clothes in advance like I did with the boys.

And I have to say I'm actually pleased in a way as it means I get to go shopping and buy lots of cute little clothes! Since I enjoyed choosing and buying them so much I thought I would share my purchases with you all!

First of all I decided to order a few bits from Next online because I couldn't get to the shops until today!
And inside............

First of all we have this gorgeous TuTu bodysuit and tights set! For your very own little ballerina!
I've taken a photo up close of the lovely little bow detail and the detailing on the tights-soooo cute!
And a close up of the TuTu, it is just so girly! And a bargain £18!
The next thing in my bag of goodies was an absolutely beautiful dress!! It's a 3-piece set including a dress, cardigan and tights. It's called Pink Daisy Prom Dress set and it's from Nexts Carousel section.
I have taken a close up of the little bows on the dress and the delicate little button on the cardigan! This outfit was £22.
I also ordered the Frill Stripe Spot Romper which was inspired from this blog post on another blog.
The frill at the bottom are so girly and just make me think of summer :-) And the poppers for easy nappy access are fabulous!

And this cute bow detail is lovely (I am all about the bows can you tell?!)
And last but definitely not least this very fitting 'Little Sister' sleepsuit.
I have taken a close up of the design because it is just so darn cute!

I will continue with Olivia's new 3-6month clothes in another post :-)


  1. Really good post I love these clothes she looks such a sweetie :-)

  2. Love the clothes :) We also have the blue romper.
    Olivia will look adorable in it :)

    Have a great weekend


  3. Ah thanks Kerry! Your blog post inspired me to get the blue romper! It just looked so cute on Amelia!

    Hope you guys have a good weekend too :) x