Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Charlie 3years 1month x

Well Charlie has been three for one whole month now! I have a three year old!?!? Scary!!!

Charlie is such a loving little boy and so cheeky and cute (I would think that wouldn't I? ;-) )

However I do think he needs something more than I can give him now so i'm looking forward to him starting his nursery placement in April (and also dreading it). As much as I know it is good for him and the best thing, I could also happily cry at the thought that my beautiful baby boy has grown up so much that he is starting nursery and won't need me anymore!

Up until now it has always been me looking after my gorgeous boy being a stay at home mum, but now he will be at nursery part of the time, so scary!

Charlie loves being a big brother it is my favourite thing to see my gorgeous children hugging, kissing and spending time together showing their love for one another!

Charlie is a daddys boy through and through until he is tired or hurt and then he wants mummy :-)

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