Friday, 8 February 2013

Olivia's wardrobe shopping trip no2!

Well today we went into town (as I do like to see and feel before I buy) and we again went to Next!
We got this cute little skirt as I found lots of pretty tights I liked and so needed something for Olivia to wear with them!
It has such pretty buttons for detail and was an absolute steal at £7!

I also got some leggings or 'jeggings'. I find these versatile and they look good with almost any top! 
They have the benefit of an adjustable waist! And again a bargain £7 

This pretty top was just £5!!!
And look at the detailing around the neck it is so so pretty!

This is just a plain long sleeve top but was an unbelievable £2.50!!
This top was again £5 and I just couldn't resist!

This top was £3!!! And will hopefully look good with some of the tights I already have for Olivia.

I also stopped off at tesco to get some baby vests!
And here is an example of what they are like out of the packet, I got some sleeveless as one of her dresses is sleeveless and so would look silly with any other vest!

Whilst there I spotted this top and couldn't resist, it is £5
And I also picked up a new bath towel for £4  

And some more tights and these pretty little shoes!! Both £4 each!

I have a few pictures of Olivia in the 3-6 outfits that I forgot to take photos of before she wore them!
I can't believe that my baby girl has grown soooo much!


  1. She has grown so much recently I can not believe she is has got so big :-)

  2. I see I have lots of catching up to do. As any new blogger would.

    Why is it they make cute clothes for babies and young kids but none for young adults like myself and many others. or am i shopping in the wrong places.

    hope you have a great weekend and stop by sometime. i'd love to hear from you.