Monday, 4 February 2013

Olivia at 10 weeks!

Olivia was ten weeks old last week on Friday! It has gone so so fast it's crazy, each of my beautiful babies seems to be growing up so quickly but Olivia seems to be developing so quickly! She holds her head up beautifully, babbles away as if she is having a real conversation with you. Smiles and we had our first giggle the other day (so cute btw!!)

Olivia has developed her own day time routine and sticks to it nearly everyday, it's just night that you never know what you are going to get!! However with her having made her own daytime routine my life is made easier with keeping the boys routine as well. A necessity with three children aged 3 and under!!

Olivia has definitely grown out of her 0-3month clothing (I have been trying to kid myself as I didn't want her to grow up) as today I looked at her and realised her little trousers had gone beyond slightly short and just looked plain ridiculous! So out with the 3-6month bits tomorrow!!

We got the jumperoo out at the weekend and I washed all the toys, seat and frame so it's all clean and ready for action! Olivia loves the jumperoo already and spent ages trying to grab the toys with some success. It's just amazing to watch, my beautiful baby girl is growing up so so fast!

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  1. Loving the postings keep em coming :-) interesting to read x