Friday, 1 February 2013

Lazy Weekends

We decided last weekend to have a 'lazy weekend'. Normally we are rushing around trying to cram everything in into those two days! So we said no visitors and we made our excuses and just stayed at home just the 5 of us. We did still go in the garden and James did some gardening and I did the housework. But the pressure of rushing around was relieved which was lovely. I'm hoping for similar this weekend and so far we have no plans so hopefully I will be in luck!!
I am more of a fan of sitting down together and watching a movie than James is because he hates sitting 'doing nothing' his words not mine. James always has to have jobs to do and tasks to complete, so quite often I will find myself and the boys watching a colourful Disney film whilst James comes in and out pottering around doing bits here and there.
This is obviously not a problem, it's our happy medium although sometimes I wish he would just stop, sit down with us and just enjoy being with our babies and cuddling them. Which to me is the most important thing, they grow up so fast and the dust will always be there!!! (Although I obviously do dust!)
The  boys love to wear their onsies on days like this and they take it in turns to choose a film to watch and they just as at home curled up having a snuggle watching 'Cars' as they would be racing around the park getting some fresh air!
We shall see how the weekend goes and hopefully I will be back on Monday saying we achieved the relaxing weekend we are hoping for.
Also completely unrelated but it's now the first of February-how did that come around so fast?!?!

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  1. Well I could schedule a cuddle of two for my baby's . Harry tends to latch on to me when I walk through :-D